A downloadable story for Windows

(just so you know, the reason there are only 3 screenshots is that I don't want to spoil the surprise so if you have never checked the description, which is this text which is somehow floating in a white empty space, so uhh yeah, ... 

look just play the game, will you?

Alright guys, if you want to know the current passwords try these current ones:

The first one to enter the files is "Charlotte"

Once you get into the files the second file is called Missing_Individuals, that password will be called "Father".

The next file which is called Figure_Sighting will be called "Eject".

The fourth file called Fazbear_Entertainment_Warehouse_Raided will have a password called "Division".

The fifth file after that named L.E.F.T.E Unit-002 Testing Logs will be called "Lock".

The sixth file called Ex-Fazbear Ent Suit Performer Admitted to the psychiatric hospital will have a password named "RWQFSFASXC" referring to Shadow Bonnie or also considered as RXQ.

The seventh file called New_Members_Of_The_Band's password “Candy” which indeed includes Candy

The eighth file called The_Message password is "Guardian" [ REDACTED ]

The ninth file which is named Cloaked_Figure's password "1280" referring to the Stitchwraith

More Newer Codes:

For Fazbear Worldwide Initiative Announcement it is called "Eternal" resembling that AR delivery!

The Laurel PD Slaughter is "Flesher" resembling... something.

And the final one for now called Gateway to Old Wounds is "SUFFER".

Reminder when typing this first set, it is caps sensitive. So don't type it all in caps and only use a capital letter for the first letter of the password except for the last recent one, no spaces after doing that password. I'll edit this once if I am able to update the game.


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